eSynergy International - TESDA TVET  

Tesda  Registered Training Center and Assessment Center for  Industrial Butchers, Meat Cutters, 
Contact Center  Agents, Customer Service Rep, Bookkeepers and  OJTs  for Office Management
           Awarded as Best Butchering School and Producer of World Class Butchers    

Esynergy Butchers Have More Fun Abroad !

 eSynergy International  is the country's TOP Producer of World Class Butchers. Our  graduates are preferred by foreign employers and manpower agencies hiring for abroad.

We are the pioneer in developing innovative and world class butcher training programs where we have elevated Butchering as a Science, a Craft and as a Professional Occupation. We are the shakers and movers of the industry and we continue to lead the way as innovators in training.

It is eSynergy's  MISSION to help Filipinos acquire professional skills in butchering, meat processing and production and help them get into the highly in- demand butchering occupation worldwide. We are committed to help improve their lives and make a difference.

As the leader in butchery training, WE are passionate in teaching our students not only the physical aspect of butchering, but we do our best effort to mold and shape their best asset- their Minds and Hearts during the duration of the training. This helps prepare them as World Class Butchers who can compete with confidence and work proficiently in various international environment. 

Why eSynergy is the TOP BRAND in Slaughtering and Butchering Training?

eSynergy International was awarded the Global Brand Award as the Best Producer of World Class Butchers in 2015 by Asia Pacific Council.  It was also nominated as Best Butchering School in 2016. 

Esynergy Interntional was also awarded the prestigious Best Brand Award in 2010 due to professional training standards, excellent customer service, professionalism etc.

Accredited/ Certified Professional Tesda Trainers in Slaughtering and Butchering-  with actual hands on  experience to professionally guide students in all aspects of slaughtering/ industrial butchering/ industrial meat cutting/ fabrication as well as retail butchering

Professional Training Venue- Accredited TESDA Training and  Assessment Center

We are officially registered as a TESDA training Center and as a TESDA Assessment Center. We have passed all the strict requirements of TESDA to be approved as a center under ISO_9001,with strict quality assurance in venue and facilities, accredited trainers, quality curriculum, proper area in square meters, professional background of the staff and people managing the company, etc.

Our student admission, lectures, and hands on training is held in a reputable meat plant and visible office address and managed and staffed professionally full time.

We have many graduates now working abroad.  They are our pride "Esynergy World Class Butchers"

 Congratulations to all eSynergy graduates who are now working abroad! 



Our World Class Esynergy Butchers  in  Middle East and Asian Countries






           Be a Certified Industrial Butcher / Meat cutter  and  work in one of the highly paid in demand jobs !   

                                                     Enroll in Slaughtering/Abattoir Operation NC- II and 

                                             Butchering, Meat Cutting,  Meat Processing Production Course 

             Canada, Australia, & New Zealand  highly in demand jobs : Industrial Butchers, Meat Cutters or

                                             Slaughtering Plant Workers,  Food Production Workers

eSynergy International is the country's TOP Producer of World Class Butchers in the Philippines with a

Meat technology Center patterned after the Canadian And Australian Models which provides high quality

training and skills for Meat Cutting and Butchering. Students are trained in the scientific and international

techniques of meat cutting, using tools and equipment and environment similar to the ones used abroad.

Note:  eSynergy is a Tesda Training Center and not a recruitment company.

 We offer :

1. Slaughtering/Abattoir Operations NC II Tesda Course  ( HOGS/SWINE or CATTLE/OX) available

(TESDA Registration no - WTR 0904A-022437) 

This course is designed to equip individuals with operational knowledge, skills and attitudes in slaughter/abattoir operations.  It deals with all the processes involved in slaughtering pig /or cattle on the process used overseas as well as in large companies in the country.

2. Certificate in Industrial / Retail Butchery / Meat Cutting and Meat Processing 

This is an intensive one month Certificate in  Retail Butchering with Meat Cutting and Meat Processing actual hands on training for those who would like to work as Meat shop/ Retail Butcher/Meat cutter. This is recommended also for those who had taken the NC II-in Slaughtering/Abattoir course and wants to further learn butchering and have the edge over other applicants in order to be highly qualified abroad. It includes international techniques in primal, barrel and retail cuts, and de-boning.

Due to the high demand of these skills, slots are limited so please enroll early.

Slaughtering /Abattoir operations-NC-II 
No. of days :  35 days
Schedule :  Classroom Training - Mon-Fri 10am -  9am to 12:00nn or  1:00pm - 5:00 pm
Actual Hands on Training (Practicum-OJT)  Mon-Sat.   3:00- 7:00pm
Certificate in Retail Butchery / Meat Cutting and Meat Processing
No. of days :   1 month training or more...  
Schedule :  Classroom Training : Mon-Fri  10:00am -  9am to 12:00nn or  1:00pm - 5:00 pm
Actual Hands on Training (Practicum-OJT): Tues-Sunday 7:00am-12:00 noon - 2 pm to 4pm    
Trainee Entry Requirement:

- At least High School Graduate, good moral mharacter,  ability to communicate orally and in writing, physically and mentally healthy
- 2 pcs. 1 x 1 picture ; 2 pcs 2 x 2 pic, copy of your highschool  or college diploma (if you have any) and 
   photo copy of your valid id. 

For more details please email us at: or you may call and visit us at :          

 eSynergy International - Butchering School 

2nd flr., Abacast Bldg.,Nueno Ave., Imus, Cavite ( walkiing distance from Lumina mall, Aguinaldo hiway, beside Lotus Mall  and MetroBank Imus. 

Tel. No. (63-46) - 515-0349 / 0920-948-0132 / 0917-855-3983 

A  Background of the Global Meat Industry 

      Today’s meat industries in Canada Australia, New Zealand, UK and Europe are multi- billion dollar businesses due to  their continuous growth from consumers who are meat lovers and enjoy eating beef steak, barbecues, bacon and other  processed meat products and from the export of their products to USA, Japan and other European Countries.

  While their huge meat industry enjoys continuous growth yearly, these  companies face manpower shortages   due to the retirement of workers who reach 60 years old, which  comprise 30% of  the workforce. The lack  of  interest of their younger people to work in meat processing aggravates the manpower shortage because most of them prefer white collar jobs in sales,IT, admin, and other glamorous jobs. Some meat processing  plants  in    Canada and Australia have even closed operations due to the serious lack of manpower.

Career Opportunities as Industrial Butcher or Retail  Butcher

Meat processing in advance countries is an integrated operations meaning most large  companies own:1) 1)farms, the 2) cattle or swine(pigs), goat or sheep in the farm,3) the abattoir plants  where slaughtering/ butchering  takes  place,4) the  meat processing where  the  carcass  are further cut and processed into beef/ pork cuts, fillets, steaks,  barbecue cuts, ham, bacon, & other processes meats. The processed meat are  distributed/marketed to groceries & supermarkets which the large companies usually own.

Hence, while working as a butcher can be a good entry point to be employed in these companies, there is also a great career opportunity to move or be  promoted to other positions in   various departments like meat  processing, admin or grocery staff or sales.

Working as a butcher can be very rewarding financially for immigrants or workers because the salary ranges from twenty four thousand to forty     six thousand dollars yearly depending on the workers experience, plus other benefits, training, etc. incentives.

 According to TESDA, there is an estimated shortage of 10,000 butchers  /  and meat workers in these countries which are needed to be filled up, especially so that large companies have started hiring again due to the vigorous international market demand.

Who Should Take This Course

1. Immigrants who are waiting for their papers to be approved for immigration

2. Relatives of Immigrants or citizen’s who will be petitioned by their relatives through the family category or provincial nomination which only takes an average of 1 year in processing.

3. Immigrants whose visa are already approved and will leave in a few months time who wants to be hired and start working immediately.

4. Relatives of immigrants who can b hired as butcher/abattoir worker through a work visa or company sponsored visa.

5.People who willing to work in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK or Europe as butchers/slaughtering workers as their occupation entry point.

6. Graduates of NMIS-BAI slaughtering course who lack the practicum time, and who needs TESDA certification.

7. Butchers with local experience or those in the meat business who wants to learn the scientific way of this trade and earn TESDA certification & be able to work abroad.

8. People planning to set up a meat business which is very profitable.

9. Graduates of Nursing, Caregivers, Agriculture, VetMed,Animal Science or Culinary Arts whose  course/occupation can be aligned with a a career entry in overseas meat industry as  as slaughter person,grocery butcher or meat cutter or abattoir worker.

10. People who loves the challenges & the outdoors , or loves to work with their hands and takes great pride in their work output.


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                   eSynergy International Meat Technology Center


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