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Welcome to Esynergy International, a TVET Training Center  with registered TESDA  training on Slaughtering Operation Swine NC II and Large Animal NC II.  We offer complete and comprehensive module  on  Handling and Sharpening of Knife or Knife Skills with Butchery Deboning and Meat cutting hands on training in an industrial setting.   Esynergy also offers full online Contact Center Services NC II and  short course on English for IELTS Review where our trainees can enjoy FREE Esynergy online modules and assistance in taking their IELTS Test through our partner, British Council.

Enroll now, be a certified Industrial  Butcher, Slaughterman or          Meat cutter, we have many successful graduates that can attest to the effectiveness and quality of our training program.  

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Sharing  you the success stories of our graduates ... Esynergy gave them the wings to fly through our training  and mold them the winning attitude they need.  Find out why many of our graduates are preferred internationally by the top meat industries in Canada, UK, Australia,  and New Zealand.  Look at how they achieve their goals, be inspired and experience success at Esynergy International ! 

Esynergy International Professional Butchers in Canada 

Alvin Huerto @ Cargill Canada  

Alvin Huerto, a TVET graduate from Esynergy International Butchery School, and former TESDA scholar under the Training for Work Scholarship Program (TWSP)  was given recognition by his Quality Control Supervisor in Cargill Guelph, Ontario, Canada for his keen attention to details, alertness and dedication in maintaining the safety and quality of Cargill Meat products. His clear and laser focus at work and dedication to quality has saved the day for customers of Cargill when he spotted a hazard piece of metal in the production line. This initiative has earned him his colleagues and the manager’s respect and admiration.
To know more about Alvin Huerto accomplishment visit our FB page at Esynergy International Professional Butchers click this link

Jefferson Rellosa, @ Hylife Canada

Jeff  Rellosa was a former TESDA Scholar, TVET graduate at Esynergy International - Butchery School and a former TESDA certified Trainer and Assessor of Esynergy International, now working @ Hylife Canada and enjoying a more secured and  happy life with his family in Canada for almost 3 years already.  While living in Canada with his family, he had another additional  lovely daughter who was born in Canada last year of 2023, a blessing indeed!  Congratulations Jeff Rellosa, Esynergy family is proud of you!  To know more about his success story, watch this  you tube featured by TESDA official website when he joined the TATAK Tesda success stories, be inspired by his story,  click this link  

Sherina Jacobe, @ Mountain Top Foods, Canada

Sherina Jacobe, a hardworking pretty lady certified butcher of Esynergy climbs her way to Mountain Top Foods in Alberta Canada. Prior to that, she worked at Maizen Company in Japan as Food Processing Worker / Meat cutter for 3 years. When she came back in 2019, she decided to enhance her skills credentials by enrolling in our Slaughtering Swine NC II, a TESDA program course. Then, she worked for 1 year at Monterey meat processing plant in Cavite.  She is now happily working in her dream country Canada as Food Processing Worker / Meat Cutter /Butcher. Congratulations Sherina ! We are proud of you!  To know more about her  click this link

More graduates of Esynergy International working in Canada

Successful Esynergy Professional Butchers in UK, Wales, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland

Jomel Loba 

Jomel Loba, the youngest and one of the finest Esynergy International Professional Butchers of Esynergy Imus, look how he became the matinee idol of Esynergy . his success story is very impressive, hope this will inspire many people who are dreaming of what he has accomplished in life at a young age of 19 yrs old and still single. To know more about Jomel, please check this link

Joel Ramos

Joel Ramos,  former OFW affected by pandemic Covid 2020, where he worked as butcher in a luxury cruise. He availed of the  Tesda TWSP Scholar  for Slaughtering Operations Swine NC II  and also  became a Butcher Trainee at  JDC South Meats.  He is now enjoying his work at Dunbia UK and had been travelling  around  UK which is one of the perks  of  working in UK,  our trainees got to enjoy the beautiful places in UK.

Isagani "Ganch" Balite

Ganch Balite, former OFW affected by Pandemic Covid 2020, he was one of the recipients of the TESDA Training for Work Scholarship and one of our former hardworking Esynergy trainees.  After finishing his training with us, he worked as a Butcher at North Meat Merchant  and luckily was hired by Dunbia UK.  Having worked for 2 years now in UK, he was able to bring his lovely wife in UK.

Arnold Mejos, Dunbia Treburley UK

Daisy  Jaen in London UK

Daisy is one of our successful  and dedicated professional certified butchers working  in Dunbia UK  for almost 2 years.  Prior to her relocation in UK, she worked as Merchandiser/ Butcher at Rustan's Supermarket, butchery section.   She also had experience to work as Production Worker and Butcher at Robina Farm for more than 2 years.    She took Slaughtering Operation Swine NC and further enhanced her  knife skills in butchery  to practice deboning, meat cutting and breaking of carcass 

Sonny Alimurong, Wales UK

Herlito Catahan

Paul Bernas

CJ Perez

Jimmar Hermosilla

Allen Ayon

Jon-jon Villanueva

Erwin Punzal

Don Alfajaro

Danny Dinginbayan and Brian Valencia

Edward Nelson

Philamer Santiago

Richard Bahala

Our gorgeous lady Butchers / Meat Processors of DUNBIA UK 

Anna Grashiela in Dunbia Treburley UK 

Maria Platon in Dunbia Scotland UK

Noralyn Ledesma in Dunbia Sawley UK

Mike Montino 

Mike Montino  was a former OFW, affected by Covid pandemic, former Tesda Scholar for Slaughtering Operation Swine NC II.  A very industrious and  diligent  butcher who worked hard to achieve his goals of working in  Dunbia UK.   Being single and a breadwinner  in his family made him work hard to give his family a good life.  Very loving son and  good provider to his family.

Our gorgeous lady Butchers / Meat Processors of DUNBIA UK

Panoy Dela Cruz in Dunbia Preston UK

Panoy was a simple butcher in the Philippines earning a modest salary before he was hired by Dunbia UK.  He dreamed of working abroad to give his family a good life and with God's grace and with the help of  his family especially his very supportive wife, and his colleagues in  Legazpi City Veterinary Office, eSynergy International, and Venture Mgt. Agency,  he was able to achieve his dream. With perseverance after failing his IELTS exam for 2 times, he was not a discouraged, instead  he continue to fight  to get that IELTS desired score.  He was inspired  by many people  who supported him, pushing him  not to give up, Esynergy is proud of you !  

Virgilio Alcazaren in Dunbia UK

Edward Nelson in Dunbia Ireland UK

Esynergy International Butchers have more fun working in UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand 

eSynergy International  is the country's TOP Producer of World Class Butchers. Our graduates are preferred by foreign employers and manpower agencies hiring for abroad.  Join our many graduates who are now working in UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Poland  and Middle East.  Enroll in one of our complete Butcher course program and Be one of our Certified Esynergy International  Professional Butchers !

Successful Esynergy professional butchers in Australia 

Aldwin Barquilla, skilled Industrial Butcher in Australia

Aldwin, one of our passionate and reliable Industrial Butcher Trainees who always find ways on how to maintain his healthy habit.  A man with winning attitude, perseverance and determination, who really work hard to  gain experience to be one of the best and competent  skilled  butchers.   When his ultimate dream to work in Australia has been realized,  he was so happy to share his success to others to inspire knowing that this will surely  give his family a good life in the future.  After his training with Esynergy International,  he worked with  Monterey Meats as Butcher  and  JDC  as Slaughterman.  After  which,  he was hired by Carrefour in Dubai, on of the biggest  retail mall  around Middle East and Europe who became one of our industry partners as well.  As he progressed in his butchery career,  more opportunities came,  he passed the  Australian trade test and was hired by an Australian  employer  as Industrial Butcher and that's the beginning of his wonderful life in Australia.  Esynergy family is  really proud of  him!  See more  pictures of Aldwin  below, be inspired by  his career path in the meat industry.  

Aireen Patriarca at Linley Valley Pork W.A. Australia

Aireen,  one of our energetic and successful  certified  butcher trainees who was assigned at Monterey Meatshop in Imus.   After her training with us, she worked with Monterey Meats Waltermart as Butcher/ Meatcutter.  A loving and hardworking mother  who made sure of the future of her family by achieving her dream of working in Australia.   She is now happily working  at Linley Valley Pork in Australia.  Esynergy family is happy and proud of  her accomplishment.

Robert Aquino @ Teys Australia

Robert, one of the TWSP Tesda Scholars and former Esynergy Industrial Butcher Trainee now working in Australia.  He joined his brother Butcher Aquino,  who had been working in Australia for more than 5 years, also a former graduate of Esynergy.  Both of them are enjoying their great life in Australia.  Esynergy family is proud of you !

Successful Esynergy professional butchers in New Zealand

Armand Gicole, @ New Zealand 

Elmer Demandante @ New Zealand

Jeff Wong @ New Zealand

Our Courses :

  • Slaughtering Operation Swine NC II - 35 days,  Mon to Sat   with FREE Online IELTS Review  and JOB link assistance to our industry partners 
  • Slaughtering Operations Large Animal -  TBA schedule not yet available
  • Certificate on Knife Skills ( Handling and Sharpening of Knives with Butchery Deboning and Meat cutting hands on in an Industrial Settings
  • COntact Center Services NC II - full online
  • Online English for IELTS Review with Basic computer and FREE resume writing

Esynergy location

Esynergy International is  stragically located at 3rd floor Abacast bldg. Nueno Ave., Imus City near Lotus mall and Lumina Mall where public transportation  and commercial establishments are located. You can even do shopping at nearby malls and visit some interesting places like farms with coffee shop and enjoy the nature trip.  Our slaughterhouse and meat plant industry partners are also just nearby.  There are many transient places or boarding houses that you can rent around the area for a cheap price.  Malls, 24/7 groceries, public markets, churches, hospitals are very accessible.  We have been in this location.  Please  google map below for the detailed direction. 

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